Planning and Consultation

If you are planning to build a large web application make sure you understand the full scope of the project. Before you hire a developer or designer, make sure you have a documented project plan. You may want to hire a different developer to consult with in the initial planning stage so you can better determine the feasibility and development cost of every aspect of the project. You want to create an application that is easy to maintain, modify and add features to.


You and your developer will need to determine your development platform and framework before building your application. You may not understand all the technical details but you will want to know as much as possible before the choice is made. Ask your developer why they would chose one particular platform or framework over another.

When documenting a project plan use flowcharts to illustrate application behavior. Use storyboards to illustrate every aspect of your presentation layer. In applications with complex user interaction it’s a good idea to bring development and and design teams together so that application and presentation layers can be integrated smoothly.