Domain Contact Information

Always make sure your domain contact information is up to date. This is very important if you did not register your domain name yourself. If you are working with a design or development company it is quite likely that they will use a third party for registering and hosting your domain. Find out what company they use for domain registration. Make sure you are listed as the owner and the administrative contact and that the email addresses used are current and up to date. If possible, use a different email address than one under the registered domain. If you do not want to be the administrative contact, you should use someone you know personally and can contact at any time in the future.

If in the future you hire a different company or individual to redesign or maintain your site, it may be advantageous to continue using the same domain registration and hosting company your original designer or developer used. Get the registration and hosting account information from them, update the account info and change the password(s). In some instances an individual designer or a small design company might have an account with a registration or hosting company that they use to register and host domains for multiple clients, in which case they will not be able to give you access to that account. When it comes time to change designers you will need to transfer your domain name and create a new hosting account. If your domain name contact information is correct and up to date it can make this process relatively painless.