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Early Albums

Bagtoons began in 1991 as an independent recording label. Here are the earliest collections that were released as albums.

Year Artist Album
1991 The Bagmen The Bagmen
1993 The Hanson Brothers The Hanson Brothers
1999 Mark Harris No Clue
2003 Mark Harris Six Songs and the Savage Beats

Around 1992 I began to develop arthritis in my hands and had to give up playing my primary instrument which was the bass. It was this development that led me to rely more heavily on technology in music production. My university studies were as an electrical engineer, so the transition was somewhat instinctive.



New Drum and Bass Remixes

I have recently been doing some remixes of old blues tracks. I completed 6 Sister Rosetta Tharpe tracks and some Son House tracks.

Most of the original tracks were solo acoustic guitar with vocal recordings. Some of the Son Hoiuse tracks were vocal only. For the remixes I added programmed synth bass and drums. Some of the Son House tracks have additional guitar work by Ken Doucette.

I have also been working on some drum and bass remixes of Bach Cello Suite selections.

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The Simpletons were a classic rock cover band centered by myself and Ken Doucette. Various other musicians have been involved throughout the years under different band names as well.

These tracks started off as live performance backing tracks for acoustic or electric guitar, keyboard, lead vocals and harmony vocals.

Some early promotional demos were created with studio performances of the parts left out for live shows. Ken and I recently completed some additional recordings of some of the highlights that weren't part of the original demo recordings. I have assembled some of our favourites from both new and old versions.

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Jobim Electronic

Over the last couple of years I have produced some electronic versions of some Jobim songs.

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