Lonesome Kitty

Laura Rosch



Produced by Mark Harris and Laura Rosch
Vocals: Laura Rosch
Piano, Keyboards: Don Guinn
Background Vocals: Mark Harris, Paula Boliea and Laura Rosch
Tenor Saxophone(Loverman and Just a Dream): Mike Murley
Acoustic Bass(Lonesome Kitty Blues, Sentimental Mood and Just a Dream): George Koller
Trumpet(Lonesome Kitty Blues): Steve Crow
Clarinet(Caravan): Bob DeAngelis
Guitar(Mojo Hanna): Ken Doucette
Acoustic Guitar(Sister): Mark Crawford
Programming: Mark Harris

Lonesome Kitty

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This album was put together to showcase Laura as a jazz and R&B vocalist. The recordings are all covers with the exception of Lonesome Kitty (by Laura Rosch) and Just a Dream (by Mark Harris). The originals are definitely highlights on the album along with Loverman which features the tenor sax work of Mike Murley and Caravan with Bob DeAngelis on Clarinet. Mojo Hanna has Laura’s classic powerhouse vocals and is also a treat.

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